Washme have researched the carwash market, searching the globe for the best equipment to provide you with the very best performance and service. We are NOW delighted to launch the latest UK Washme Washcentre here in Northampton.

At this Washme Washcentre you can be sure of:

• Friendly and informed staff.
• The most modern hi-tech equipment
• Gentle but thorough cleansing.
• Ease of use - no controls to operate.
• Well lit, clean, relaxing environment.
• Convenient opening times.
• You don't even have to leave your seat!
• Customer waiting area, offering a hot drink.

All cleaning products have been carefully formulated to give strong effective cleaning, as well as to be kind to your car and the environment. From the shampoo and the Foam Bath Formula through to the the Polishes, your car will be receiving the best possible care at Washme.

How it all works:

1. Enter the site through the entrance to Westbridge Motors.
2. Our trained staff will meet and greet you and help you to decide
    the best wash for your vehicle
3. We ensure those difficult to clean areas get some extra attention.
4. Sit back and relax while your car is given a the very best treatment.

We not only look after the outside of you vehicle, our US style drop line vacuum has the ability to simultaneously manage 3 vehicles at the same time, leaving you vehicle looking like new inside.

We only use environmentally friendly chemicals,
and soft spring water from our very own bore hole.


Hand Wash and Rinse
Machine Power Rinse
Liquid Wax
Under Chassis Wash (Removes salt / Reduces Corrosion)
Double Machine Dry
Hand Finish to Door and Boot Shuts
Tyre Shine


Vacuum the Interior
Vacuum Inside the Boot
Empty Ashtrays
Dash Shine Treatment
Interior Glass Clean